Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Virgin Cruises wants your input

Richard Branson took to the air (literally via helicopter!) to announce the latest developments in his new cruise company, Virgin Cruises. TravelPulse and Cruise Radio had all the press conference details. Much of what shared was already known -- sailing from Miami, a Virgin experience at sea, new ships, etc. What wasn't known was that Virgin wants to hear from their fans and potential cruisers. They have set up a website, a Facebook account and a Twitter address all in an effort to solicit requests and feedback as they shape their new cruise line.

How many customer suggestions will they use between now and their 2020 launch? No one knows, but engaging the customer like this can only lead to good things. This will create a sense of loyalty and connection before they've even named a ship. Hopefully it will also lead to some revolutionary ideas. So if you've had a great idea or feature for a cruise, Virgin wants to hear it.

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