Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cruise Law News only site reporting on Anthem of the Seas emergency

According to Cruise Law New, the Anthem of the Seas cut short a cruise earlier this week due to four passengers suffering from a medical emergency. Yet there is nothing in the media. Nothing on social media from Royal Caribbean or even passenger chat. We trust Cruise Law News and wish other outlets would follow up on these issues.

We understand that negative publicity impacts perceptions of cruises, but we really think the industry would benefit from better reporting. Take this case. If the details are true and there were four emergencies, why not get more information out there. It is a huge ship. Four people getting sick or injured could just be coincidence. But by not having more reporting, it seems like there is something wrong on board. It seems like there is something to hide.

Those people who don't like cruises or don't like cruising are not going to change their mind about one news report. But the lack of good reporting can hurt those who do want to sail on the Anthem.  


  1. Well there is a passenger chat on Facebook's Anthem of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas discussion group. There are not many informations but it seems at least one passenger is reported dead if you can trust the source.