Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Can Cruise.Me change cruise booking?

Have you ever booked a cruise online? Considering all the things we do with a few touches, booking a cruise is still a bit of a technical challenge. This is the problem Cruise.Me hopes to solve. After a long build up, the company finally rolled out its site and is receiving very positive feedback.

Cruise.Me put an emphasis on better content, mobile interfaces and a process that allows bookers to search in new parameters. If you want to search by price, you can do that too.

Even though they have built a great interface, Cruise.Me still has some marketing challenges ahead. The majority of cruise passengers have relationships with travel agents and are successfully booking cruises without Cruise.Me. What will drive them to switch to more self booking? How will the older demographic even find Cruise.Me? What is to stop the major cruise sellers -- the large agencies and the cruise companies themselves -- from copying Cruise.Me's interface and selling the cruises themselves?

Cruise.Me is not perfect but it is an important company for the industry. We need new innovations and new approaches. Hopefully Cruise.Me can drive that innovation.

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