Thursday, October 8, 2015

Is Carnival the most trusted cruise line?

A Reader's Digest poll named Carnival Cruise Line "America’s Most Trusted Cruise Line." The poll asked 4,500 readers which products and companies they trusted in 40 different categories. Carnival is obviously proud of the acknowledgement and some in the cruise media space are calling it a turnaround. But even if perception has improved for the company there is still work to be done.

Just last month a fire on the Carnival Liberty stranded thousands of passengers in St. Thomas. A few weeks later smoke broke out on the Carnival Pride. Fortunately in both instances passengers were safe, but I am sure the passengers forced off the Liberty aren't totally trusting Carnival right now.

Because they were contained and the passengers were dealt with, nothing reached the level of news coverage that the Carnival Splendor fire did in 2010. That was what did the most to damage passenger "trust." Five years later, with the Splendor somewhat forgotten, when Reader's Digest asks people about cruise companies, they naturally say Carnival. It is the most well-known brand. But even with the award we hope that the company remains diligent and keeps passenger and ship safety as its focus.

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