Saturday, September 26, 2015

Royal Caribbean deserves accolades for saving the 'miracle cruise baby'

August 31 was the typical early morning on the Independence of the Seas. In the middle of the night, passenger Emily Morgan went into labor. Only 23 weeks pregnant, Morgan knew she needed the help of the crew medical staff. Although they handle various emergencies at sea, crew medical staffs are not equipped to deal with emergency labor nor premature babies. Pregnancy policies are specifically designed to avoid emergency births onboard. But baby Haiden came at 1:56 a.m.

Weighing on 1.5 pounds and having breathing issues, Haiden's life was in danger. Lacking an incubator, the ship's staff did their best to keep him warm and the captain pushed the ship into San Juan two hours early. The Royal Caribbean team ultimately saved the newborn's life, as Haiden was able to get the necessary specialized medical care in San Juan.

While still struggling with various complications, Haiden is still alive and has been transferred to Miami. The Morgans are sharing their story and the challenges Haiden and they are facing. However, overlooked in the story is how much Royal Caribbean did in such an unusual circumstance. From the Captain to the crew they did what they could to help the Morgans and the mother and baby are alive because of the Royal Caribbean team.

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