Monday, September 14, 2015

Good news, bad news for Florida's cruise growth

Tourism is booming in Florida and cruising is leading the way. That's great for the cruise companies, the state and cruise fans. The only question is can the infrastructure keep up with demand? As Skift reports, even now there are many long waits boarding cruises out of Miami. As more ships and bigger ships start sailing from Florida's most popular cruise port, things will only get worse.

Fortunately Florida understands tourism. New cruise terminals have opened in Canaveral and Everglades. Miami will also improve embarkation needs. Tampa is turning their cruise area into a hospitality and entertainment complex.

While the current ports continue to grow, Florida leaders should be asking themselves what other cities can support the cruise boom. Jacksonville's cruise activity has not reached its prerecession peak. It could certainly support more activity. Palm Beach's future dredging could open up more cruise access and has good air access. But wherever the growth goes, the cruise companies should feel good that the state is committed to its growth.

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