Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Two different perspectives on Royal Caribbean's Boomerango

After not having water slides on their ships, Royal Caribbean has gone all in with a series of announcements about future slides on different ships. After drydock, The Liberty of the Seas will be the first at sea to have a "Boomerango" (above). This mutli-rider slide takes passengers up a steep vertical wall before they come back down again. It seems to be the latest and greatest in water slides. Yet for all the positive press Royal Caribbean gets, there are also some words of caution.

Most of the cruise media and review sites love the idea of the Boomerango. Cruise Law News has some other thoughts. They expect many injuries on the slide and also predict Royal Caribbean will not give passengers proper warning of the potential dangers. Cruise Law News uses the track record of the FlowRider and iFly as examples of how the company handles warnings and waivers.

Will there probably be injuries on the slide? Sure, but people get hurt on cruises in all sorts of different ways. The slides become an unmanageable risk or people are too scared to ride, Royal Caribbean will make an adjustment. All these attractions are about keeping people happy (and making money). Once the slide doesn't do that, it will come down.

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