Sunday, August 30, 2015

Grand Celebration using YouTube clips to combat bad reviews

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has a challenge. Their one ship -- the Grand Celebration -- receives mediocre to poor reviews on most of the major cruise sites. How does a still new company turn perception around? With their own customer testimonials. The company continues to post glowing endorsements from real passengers on their Grand Celebration Live YouTube channel.

In the clips real customers talk about the ship, the service and the price. It is not the most slick way to market, but it does combat the complaints on other sites. Is it enough? Probably not based on the number of views the videos are getting, but every little bit counts.

Grand Celebration is offering an inexpensive price and targeting many first time cruisers. They are going to have a fair number of people who don't want to cruise again. But if the videos are to be believed, many of their passengers will sail with them again.

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