Thursday, July 30, 2015

Time's tips for Disney Cruise Line

Professional reviews always have a different tone than reviews you might find on Cruise Critic or Because of their experience, access to the ship's leadership, and compensation, the writers often don't experience or notice the same things a regular cruiser would. That is why some of the best professional reviews come when the writer is cruising for the first time. That's what happened in this review of the Disney Dream from Time/Travel + Leisure's Stephanie Wu.

Wu mentions the usual cruise tips about packing and carry-on bags. She also knows that some excursions require early booking. With regards to tips and thoughts on this particular ship, Wu writes that the quality of the food was a pleasant surprise and loved the access to the Disney movie library (we enjoyed this same little detail when we took a Disney Cruise).

Like all good reviews, Wu sets the stage, gives some unique details but moves everything along. We're glad she had a good time and glad she shared her review.


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