Saturday, June 6, 2015

Return of the Wrestling Cruise?

Body slammed at sea! Why not? Theme cruises are very popular, so it makes sense that WWE fans are clamoring for the return of a wrestling cruise. Multiple wrestling promotions ran cruises in the 1990s but there hasn't been a collection of wrestlers at sea since 1999's Wrestle Vessel.

Given the wrestling's devoted fanbase, there is no reason to think a new wrestling cruise wouldn't work. We guess the WWE stopped the practice because the cruises were less lucrative than a week of arena shows they would run on the mainland. But now that WWE is public and dedicated to promoting their WWE Network, a niche marketing opportunity like a cruise might be worth the investment. It could be a reward for their most loyal customers or a source of unique content for the WWE Network. Or the WWE could position it as a chance to grow their fanbase beyond their current demographics.

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