Saturday, May 30, 2015

WSJ spotlights a different sort of Alaskan cruise

Size does matter. As the major cruise lines build bigger and bigger ships, they are leaving behind passengers who want an intimate experience and leaving behind destinations that cannot handle thousands of passengers at once. Consider Alaska for a moment. Despite hundreds of options every summer, none of the big ships can disembark in Glacier Bay. A small line like Un-Cruise Adventures can. That line -- featuring small ships without the glitz -- served as the subject of this interesting Wall Street Journal review.

On Un-Cruise passengers still get excellent food and top-notch service. But instead of a post-dinner show or gambling, they are more likely to hear a talk on the next day's stop.

As much as they try to cater to everyone, the big cruise lines cannot offer what the small ships can. Fortunately there are more companies popping up to fill the void. The companies enable people who want to see a different side of a destination -- like Alaska -- in a different way.

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