Thursday, May 28, 2015 Reviews: Viking Star

For a new ship, there are already plenty of reviews for the Viking Star. But no site cuts to the chase like and now they have reviewed the Viking Star. Written by Sherri Eisenberg, the review touches all the known talking points about the new cruise liner...beautiful design, no nickel and diming, incredible spa, etc. What's unique and helpful about Eisenberg's review is her bluntness about who the real market is for Viking's first ocean ship. This ship is not for families.

Viking knew they were going to be able to tap into their river cruise customers to fill this new ship. Yet one of the main goals of their expansion was to reach a demographic beyond their current base. If the reviews are right, it is still going to take time. Not only is the ship still lacking activities and amenities for families, but it is also missing the night-life and experiences targeted at young singles or young couples.

Cruiseline and Eisenberg are overall very positive about the Viking Star. But as people do their research, it is good to know the experience is not for everyone.

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