Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What makes you want to take a cruise?

Travel site Tnooz recently asked if virtual tours of ships are a good marketing tool for cruise lines. The simple answer is: yes. But the real answer is a bit more complex.

All cruise lines should be embracing the latest technology and marketing tools to sell cruises. For years they printed tens of thousands of brochures to reach people who had never cruised. These new virtual tours are just the next generation of that same concept -- get people to understand what taking a cruise is like. Pictures and words have just been replaced by interactive images. When done well, this strategy will get some people to take a cruise for the first time. However, it is not enough.

The most effective marketing tool for a unique experience will always be word of mouth. Seeing a commercial, reading a brochure or taking a virtual tour is one thing, but hearing from a trusted friend about how much fun cruising is will always get more people to try a cruise.

But are there other avenues that made you take your first cruise? Is there something other than traditional marketing that the cruise companies are overlooking?

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