Sunday, April 5, 2015

River vs Ocean Cruises

One of the big stories of the past week was news that Viking Cruises' recent ship order includes an ocean-going vessel. With a huge following of river cruise passengers, Viking's expansion will surely be successful...even if they just get a fraction of their river cruisers onto the traditional cruise ship. But what about all those other river and ocean cruise fans who have wondered if they should try something different?

While there are many similarities, the river cruise and the ocean cruise remain very different. Cruise Maven Sherry Kennedy has a great breakdown of the two experiences here. Cruise Maven gives all of the important details and nuances, but the biggest takeaway is the difference in the ships. The river cruise boats are small and therefore don't offer the variety or number of onboard activities or dining options.

Viking's ocean ships will be smaller than the typical megaship, but the cruises will still be more familiar to ocean passengers than river devotees. Even with the differences, the company's success and track record should have river and ocean fans lining up to sail on the new ship.

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