Sunday, April 19, 2015

Getting better broadband on cruise ships

In case you missed it, certainly read Faraz Qureshi's commentary on the need for better broadband on cruise ships. While the broadband options and pricing have improved on some of the newer ships, there is still a long way to go. But as Qureshi points out adding better and more accessible broadband service would be a huge marketing tool for the industry. Imagine all the Facebook posts, Instagram pictures and Tweets that are not being sent aboard cruise ships now due to limitations or fear of international roaming charges. All that lost social media could be free marketing to the cruise companies as friends and families back home see what a great vacation a cruise can be.

The limitations of broadband at sea also impact those in the market who don't want to unplug on their vacations. For every person who wants to be away from their mobile device and related work, there are plenty who cannot or don't want to be away. The opportunity to multitask on vacation is essential. On a cruise ship that can be a challenge, where competing land vacations might not create the same issues.

The technology will catch up eventually. However, the cruise companies that get their first will have a great tool to reach new customers.

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