Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cruise Needs' selects the best cruise packing tips

There are thousands of cruise packing lists and only so much time to prepare for your next cruise. Instead of searching through the endless opinions on what to pack, we selected some of the best cruise packing lists online. There is plenty of overlap, but each of these lists should cover every possible thing you might need or want to bring.

The Cruise Diva Linda Coffman started writing cruise packing list in the '90s. From her site, you can also print lists for men and women.

The venerable Cruise Critic provides a top ten and reminds passengers about the differing bathrobe policies. Cruise Critic also suggests using the ship's laundry services. Cruise Critic's more expansive packing list also includes suggestions about shoe storage devices that can hang on doors.

USA Today's list doesn't have the itemized details of other list, but does cover one crucial issue: your cruise line. Acceptable attire and guidelines on evening and formal wear vary by cruise line. Some are more relaxed than others. Once you've booked a specific cruise, you can research their formal guidelines.

Fodor's keeps their cruise packing list to a simple ten tips. Their list includes one questionable item...a power strip. Be sure to check with your cruise line before you pack a power strip, as some may not allow it. We would find it cumbersome to travel with one and don't find power outlets as much of an issue on the newer ships. Fodor's list does have a good reminder to bring extra chargers and backup batteries.

Royal Caribbean's packing list comes with the oft repeated reminder to bring some essentials in your carry-on bag. Depending on how you travel to your ship there are numerous points where luggage could get lost or routed to the wrong place. Having a smartly packed carry-on can cover any emergencies and give you flexibility during those first few hours on the ship.

Shipmate has a packing list as part of their app. They cover many of the suggestions that other sites include plus the very helpful tip of using your business card in your luggage tag. We find business cards in the tag easy to read and it provides enough information in case of a lost bag, but doesn't disclose too much personal information (like a home address might).

Cruise Direct Online includes a series of checklist related to leaving home, your flight, and individual lists for men and women. They also have a helpful reminder of what not to bring, including firearms and candles.

Some destinations require a slightly different mix of clothes and amenities.'s tips are applicable to most cruises, but also include clothing and weather gear that might be handy for an Alaskan trip.

The Carnival Funville Forums have a thread focused just on packing lists. Peruse through and you will be sure to see everything one could possibly think of for a cruise vacation packing list.

There are also some helpful cruise packing lists on Pinterest.

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