Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Good cruise booking tips from the Royal Caribbean Blog

Everyone's got a tip on how to save when booking a cruise. Some are obvious and rehashed over and over. Others are less known and could be of good use to you, the next time you book. The Royal Caribbean Blog posted their five booking tips and we found the list insightful. They start with the common suggestions of booking early and using a travel agent, but then suggest some less common advice, like:

-- Sail from alternate ports.  You might not have the same variety or frequency that you get out of Miami, but alternative ports can provide a little bit of a price break.

-- Sail on older ships. Bigger and newer are not always better for your wallet. The older ships still have outstanding amenities and the same levels of service. None of the major cruise lines use really old ships, so even the "older" portion of their fleet are still huge and provide a great experience. 

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