Thursday, July 23, 2015

Deadspin's Adequate Man series takes on cruising

It is always interesting when a popular site dips its toes into writing about cruises. In this case, Deadspin's Adequate Man column gave some tips on cruises. Considering Deadspin focuses on sports, some of the suggestions were pretty spot on.

Where we agree with Adequate Man
Unless you really plan to load up on topshelf liquor every night and buy bottles and bottles of wine, the drink packages are not worth the money. We also like the writer's suggestion of paying for everything up front and in cash. There isn't built in savings by paying in full early, but there is an added piece of mind.

Where we disagree with Adequate Man
We feel better about the ship's tours and excursions than the columnist. Always do your due diligence, but any premium you might pay by going with the ship's preferred tours, you gain in knowing the vendor has been cleared by the cruise line.  

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