Thursday, June 11, 2015

Much ado about bottled water

There are plenty of cruise policies that are disingenuous money grabs, but we don't understand the uproar over Carnival's new bottled water policy. If they were really intent on just making a few extra dollars on water, they wouldn't be lowering the pricing so dramatically of their own bottled water. There new bottled water pricing is lower than most big box stores. Carnival will still allow passengers to board with non-alcoholic beverage cans, juices and milk.

Even if you were a believer in smuggling alcohol on to the ship in water containers, this policy makes sense. The BYOB abusers slowed down boarding and created problems for Carnival. When passengers are buying alcohol at the ship's bars and restaurants, the ship has a certain level of control over intake and those drinking to dangerous excess.

Currently the policy only impacts Carnival and not the company's other brands. Look for that to change if this step succeeds.

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