Monday, June 1, 2015

Good and bad advice for new cruisers

What do you tell non-cruisers about cruising?'s Paul Motter wrote a good article for Fox News on their common objections and how to overcome them.  Most of Motter's points are good. We think his best rebuttal is the argument over "fitting in." As Motter writes, very few worry about "fitting in" when they check into a hotel. Why is that a concern on cruises? First-time cruisers can do as much or as little interacting with passengers as they want. If you "fit" with some fellow cruisers, great! If not, it shouldn't impact your enjoyment. Plus, if you want to "fit in" you can always coordinate a cruise with friends and family.

The one point where Motter might have missed the mark is on experiencing destination. Even with longer hours or multiple days in a port, a cruiser will be hard pressed to experience a destination like you might on a land vacation. Even if you eschew the cruise company's excursions and get your own local guide, things won't be the same. But a first time cruisers shouldn't be looking for an in-depth experience in each city. The cruise is a chance to see small samples of multiple ports all within the comforts of a state-of-the-art resort.

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