Monday, May 11, 2015

How the cruise companies are dealing with Puerto Vallarta

Continued violence in the region forced most of the major cruise lines to cancel or alter stops in the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta. Both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity bypassed their respective stops this week. Both ships scheduled for the port added an extra day at sea. As of Monday, Carnival was keeping their stops in Puerto Vallarta, although they were limiting excursion due to safety concerns.

Disney also announced they would bypass Puerto Vallarta this week and explained the change via letter to each cabin. The Disney Cruise Blog has the letter. In the letter Disney explains their concerns and reminds the passengers that their final bill will be adjusted with regards to port fees, taxes and cancelled excursion.

Cruise companies always worry about passenger safety, however, given the passengers killed in March due to violence in Tunisia, the companies are rightfully cautious now.

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